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The Business Journals
Design System


The Business Journals was expericing inconsistencies on the site from the lack of having a design system. There is no established “source of truth” that developers and designers can reference. The result of not having a design system is evident in the disconnected interface design and customer experiences, as well as team miscommunication.

My contribution

UI Design
Visual Audit

The team

1 × product manager
2 × product designers




We began this work by examining all the pages and components on the site. This helped us better understand the business, as well as the elements that are used the most and how they’re used. We then moved to a more detailed visual audit that revealed the current inconsistencies of the visual components. We prioritized conponents by creating a spreadsheet to organize the components and modules that needed to be restructured. This helped us merge styles to create cleaner, more modern, and reusable patterns. Once we had enough of the work done, We presented our initial ideas and implemented feedback.

Made With the Design System 


This design system has helped our team create new page templates, landing pages and apps. A design system is never really done because as the business grows and changes so does the design system. We will continue to add more component and styles that align with new and existing business offerings. The design team will meet with development team to get on the same page about libraries, standards, and find a solution to the overall documentation of the work.