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Specbooks Design


The goal of this site is to educate interior designers about the Specbooks product and service offerings. Specbooks wants to market to this group of professionals to help expand their business. 


Web Design, Strategy





I began this project by researching competitors to see what has been done already so I can find opportunities to enhance the experience. I did a keyword search for interior designers to help me find the top-performing sites to look at. My research helped me tremendously when piecing together the user flow. Once I had a finalized direction I began to sketch out some concepts for the site. Specbooks wanted a sight that felt clean and crisp. It was important to me for a user to understand exactly what Specbooks was about the second they reached the site.

Designing the landing page was very enjoyable because I had a lot of control over how I wanted it to look. For example, I introduced sleek icons for the features sections and collage style hero section. I worked closely with a freelance developer for this project and we had great communication. He was able to develop the site exactly how I designed it. The end result was something we both were proud of.


Specbooks were very happy with the landing page and they have begun marketing it to interior designers right away. I received a lot of satisfaction in designing something that was exactly what they were looking for and something that would help the company reach its goals.

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