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Book of Lists


The Business Journals were in need of a refresh for their Book of Lists’ marketing landing page. This project came about because many users had confusion with selecting a package when on the site. They weren’t sure what benefits came with the purchase. The experience needed to support over 40 markets and function as a national page. The challenge was to create something visually appealing while also enhancing the user experience in order to convert more sales.


Web Design, UX Design, Product Design





The first phase was about understanding what pain points users had with the Book of Lists page. I started with research and discovery to see what had been done in the past to understand how to make it better. That consisted of meeting with stakeholders and project owners. I led the visual design and design thinking to make sure our strategic insight was translated through our design. I sketched out many concepts then created a low fidelity wireframe to help facilitate the proposed site architecture for stakeholders.

The wireframe was sent to stakeholders and project owners for feedback. At that point, we were able to come up with a finalized site architecture and design direction.

The second phase was about executing the design. I was working closely with my UX manager to ensure the request from the stakeholder was being executed in the design. I carefully started to piece together the new Book of Lists marketing landing page, while making sure to use the pre-existing patterns and styles for site consistency. The design went through two initial design reviews with my UX manager and project owners before showing the concept to the stakeholder for approval.

The third phase was about rolling out the new design. My role in this phase was to communicate with engineers how the design should look and feel while also making sure they have all assets to code the page. I also was in close communication with our QA expert for testing and answering questions about the layout. I continued to work closely with engineers through implementation and release.


We delivered an outstanding experience for the Book of Lists products and got great feedback from stakeholders. The site is something that everyone was proud of and happy to share across the company. Everyone involved in the project was satisfied with the end result and it was a huge success.

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